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A Bit of Background

Slingshot, Gulel, Catapult, Sapan are some of the names of our Sports called around the world. We are promoting Slingshot as Sports, but it's not limited to sports, its also an Art & culture. It is one of the most common recreation activity of kids, teen and youth prior to the 21st century, 

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The “World Slingshot Sports Federation” (WSSF) is operated solely to act as the International Federation for the sport of Slingshot. The WSSF may engage in the following activities, without limitation:
Manage, direct, promote, organize, and assist the activities and disciplines associated with Slingshot worldwide; 
Perpetuate and improve Slingshot worldwide; 
Encourage the growth and development of Slingshot Championship and opportunities to the world’s youth; 
Communicate with and support the formation of new National Slingshot Sports Federations (also known as National Governing Bodies of Slingshot ) and countries that are interested in starting Slingshot programs, activities, and events; 
Encourage the creation of national teams to represent their respective countries in worldwide events, exchanges, and competition of Slingshot by WSSF; 
Coordinate efforts with all other organizations promoting Slingshot; 
Work with companies, manufacturers, agencies, and all other entities which have the ability to assist in the growth, development, and promotion of Cheer; 
Recognize outstanding Slingshot contributions by groups, individuals, and organizations; 
Provide National Slingshot Sports Federations (also known as National Governing Bodies of Slingshot) coaches, teachers, and educators with tools for researching trends, technology, ideas, issues, and solutions to problems associated with Slingshot; 
Provide and create the opportunity to discuss, enhance, and evaluate Technical changes in Slingshot; 
Encourage and promote the moral standards which are enhanced through sports experiences and sports education; 
Follow and promote the laws of the IOC and the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA); 
Establish rules and regulations for international competitive events and programs; 
Establish the rules of eligibility and work with the respective National Slingshot Sports Federations to allow for maximum participation in Slingshot by athletes on an international basis; 
Create, promote, disseminate, and have jurisdiction over the rules of conduct for international competitions of Slingshot including World Championships, Continental Games, and the Olympic Games (as and when Included in Olympic Games); 
Establish and/or sanction procedures for the determination of eligibility standards for participation in World Championships, Continental Games, and Olympic Games & Paralympic Games (as and when Approved); 
Sanction and conduct International competition in Slingshot, including World Championships for national teams; 
Represent the sport of Slingshot to the IOC, SportAccord, IWGA, UNOSDP, IOA, ; and 
Do all things necessary for and incidental to the accomplishment of the purposes and goals of the organization.

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World Slingshot Sports Federation

101, A-2, Megh Dhanush Apt, Citylight, Surat-07 GUJ INDIA

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