Membership at WSSF is Open to National Slingshot Sports Federation (NSSF) & Continental Slingshot Sports Federation (CSSF).

The Applicant must fill up the form and fulfill all the legal Obligations and formalities to Join the WSSF as  NSSF Member or International Associate.

Once the Application is received, it will be checked and scrutinized by WSSF Executive Board and may  ask for further documents or other fulfill other formalities the Board things fit  and then Board Will give Interim Membership Approval until Next General Assembly Meeting of WSSF

Legal Matter :

Article 7: Affiliation:


        Applications for NSSF (see Article 4), CSSF (See Article 5) and AIF (See Article 6) shall be accompanied by:

  1. A copy of the applicant’s current Constitution;
  2. A statement accepting the WSSF Constitution, including the Code of Ethics and Conduct, for their Organisation and its members;
  3. The Accreditation fee for the current year;
  4. A proposal for an agreement of cooperation in the case of an Associate International Federation.

Article 8: Exclusion:


                                A member, An NSSF, CSSF, AIF, An Registered Player, An Registered Coach, An Registered Referee of WSSF (including an Officer or Member of NSSF) may be Excluded from Any Relation with WSSF and/or refrained from participating in WSSF approved International Slingshot Competition / Championship by the Executive Board (To Players, Official or coach or Referee of NSSF) or by the General Assembly (to NSSF, CSSF Official & CSSF itself and AIF or Officer of it), for the following reasons :

  1. Non-payment of Any liability to the WSSF,
  2. Failure to comply with the constitution of the WSSF,
  3. Failure to comply with the decision of the Executive Board or General Assembly of WSSF,


The Decision for Exclusion on above circumstances requires at least half of the members of WSSF having right to vote to be present or represented. To be adopted, such item must receive the approval of the majority of votes cast [and for Exclusion, 2/3rd (two by three) votes of the Members present].

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