Events :

The Events Approved by WSSF Executive Board is as follows :

  1. WSSF Slingshot World Cup
  • The Official World Cup of Slingshot Will be Organised Every  Four Years (4 Years) and Hosted by National Slingshot Sports Federation affiliated to WSSF.
  • Only WSSF’s Affiliated NSSF Member will be allowed to Send the Athletes to Participate.


  1. WSSF Slingshot Continental Cup
  • Will be Organised Every Two Years (2 Years) in Consultation between WSSF, CSSF & Host NSSF,
  • Only Affiliated Member NSSF of said Continent will be Invited and allowed to send athletes to Participate,


  1. WSSF International Open Slingshot Championship
  • Open International Slingshot Competition or Championship can be organised by NSSF or CSSF after the Approval from WSSF to promote the Sports and provide Platform to upcoming athletes.
  • In said event, All the Invites can participate who are in good standing with WSSF , CSSF, NSSF , AIF and other Sports Organisation