Continental Slingshot Sports Federation – CSSF


CSSF-Continental Slingshot Sports Federation can be framed & Joined only by National Slingshot Sports Federation (NSSF) as prescribed by Article 4.1.  The Continental Slingshot Sports Federation means the Union of NSSF’s which are duly Recognised by WSSF of Particular Continent,


5.1 WSSF Recognises One Continental Federation for each of the Following Five Areas:

  • Asia;
  • Africa;
  • America;
  • Europe;
  • If required in future, the Group of NSSF Affiliates framing Sub-Continents, or Groups on other factor will be treated under Article 6 as Associate International Federation or as decided by General Assembly,

5.2 The National Slingshot Sports Federations (NSSF Declared by WSSF) can be the Member of the “WSSF Recognised” Continental Slingshot Sports Federation based on their countries NOC’s respective Continental Organisations, except as Otherwise determined by the Executive Board of the WSSF. The Constitution & Rules and Regulation of Continental Association must should be in accordance with the Constitution & Rules and Regulation of WSSF and get it approved with WSSF,

5.3 The Recognisation to Continental Associations by WSSF does not in any way affect the right of NSSF to deal directly with WSSF and vice versa,

5.4 The Responsibility of the Continental Association’s Shall be :

  • To Promote and encourage Competitive Sling Shot throughout its Area in Conformity with the Olympic and WSSF Principles and Goals;
  • To Assist WSSF in areas of Event Management, Development and Education;
  • To arrange for the Organisation of the Continental Championships;
  • To Confirm and Maintain the Continental Records;
  • To Maintain the Results of Continental Slingshot Events
    • The name of the CSSF shall Identify its Territory,
    • WSSF Continental Slingshot Sports Federation (CSSF) Will Recognise WSSF as the International Federation for Slingshot representing the Sling Shot Matters at International Level and Follow its Constitution, Bye Laws, Technical Rules & decision in full force. The CSSF will be bound by WSSF Constitution and rules (Current & as and when amended) and shall undertake to promote WSSF Goals and Aims. Members, their Officers and The Athletes shall be bound by the Constitution and Rules including the Code of Ethics and Code of Conduct. They may attend the Congress and may give advice to WSSF.
    • No Discrimination shall be allowed against any Country, Federation or Any person on grounds of Gender, Specially Abled People, race, religion or politics.
    • WSSF may delegate Additional Responsibilities to a CSSF, as it seems best in the Interest of the WSSF. To determine the exact nature of Responsibilities, WSSF shall meet independently with Each Continental Association every even year in order to develop a joint agreement regarding priorities, objectives, activities & budget.